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Our company produces from real tree, mostly from one only in Hungary native specially protected poplar rarity from the white poplar, artistic shaped, natural-rustic, carved from single tree trunk monolith furniture. We aspire in our works, which were rewarded also by the Department of Fine and Industrial Arts, to make practical furniture, which can be fitted into the home of the customer, while preserving the natural form of the tree. Our activity consists of complete furnishings. We match Your requirements and conceptions with our technical potentials, and make and build in in Your home the from You ordered special furniture in each country of Europe. We undertake also the production of, extra size furniture in our introduced style, e.g. tables up to a length of 10 m and beds in any kind of size. We undertake furthermore the production of furniture from died but still intact historical trees to save them in that way for the posterity.
From our offer: tables, chairs, benches, corner benches, throne chairs, armchairs, eating-place furnishings, coffee-, smoking corner, set of furniture for garden (in a covered space), garden pavilions
- set of furniture: built-in -kitchen, -bedroom, -living-room, eating place, wardrobe, sideboard, garderobe, bed, night-table, shelf, bookcase, flower-stand, desk, supplementary (curtain-rod, decorative wall covering, hall stand … etc.)
- wine-cellar equipment: wine grating, wine stand, furnishings for wine-shop
- hospitable units (equipment for wine-shop, for pub, for restaurant and for pizzeria) equipment for beer gardens and terraces: furnishings, bar stools, bar counters … etc.