SPECIAL OFFER through some weeks!

Here is a very good option. Ask your acquaintances, friends, relatives, and order MORE, CHEAPER!

- the normal, traditional set max 240 x 90 cm, (1 table, 2 benches, 2 armchairs) costs 1600 €, and
- the normal, traditional set without chairs max 200 x 80-90 cm (1 table, 2 benches) costs 1050 €

If you want at least
• 10 pcs. Sets with chairs buy, we give even more discount - the price is 950 € / set - so you get the beautiful furniture almost with 40% discount.
• 10 pcs. Sets without chairs buy, the price is 700 euros / set.
In either case, we will register you / your company as a reseller, so you will get 20% discount on all products (exception: promotional product).

We are waiting for the registration of resellers, restaurants, and also pubs!
The above prices do not include the VAT and transport costs!